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Envisioning Your Future:

Dare to Dream
💡Facilitator's Content:

Welcome, visionaries! Fresh from defining your powerful 'why,' we now embark on an equally thrilling venture – creating your district's Vision Statement. This is where we chart the course to a future filled with potential and purpose.

Inspiring Creativity:

A Vision Statement is our horizon, the vivid picture of what lies ahead. It's not just a point on a map; it's a world of possibilities waiting to be realized.

Imagine a future that's not only achievable but also deeply inspiring – a future that excites every member of our community and aligns with our deepest values.

Guiding the Vision Crafting:

Together we will weave a Vision Statement that is both aspirational and anchored in reality. Think of it as the guiding star for your district, directing your journey and enlightening your path.

I encourage you to dream big, but also to consider how this vision can be actualized. What does this future look like? How does it feel? What impact does it have on students, staff, and the wider community?

Facilitating Discussion:

As we brainstorm, share your ideas openly. Every perspective is a valuable piece of this visionary puzzle.

Remember, a great Vision Statement should magnetize – attracting those who share your dream and motivating them to join your journey.


By the end of this module, you'll have a Vision Statement that's not just words, but a living, breathing embodiment of your aspirations. It will be a declaration of your commitment to a future that's not only dreamed but vigorously pursued. Let's start this exciting journey together and craft the future you dare to dream!

Facilitator Notes:
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With your inspiring 'why' statement as our compass, we're now ready to sail into the realms of imagination and ambition. This journey isn't just about plotting a destination; it's about painting a vibrant future, a canvas where your dreams and aspirations take vivid shape.

The Essence of Your Vision
  • A Vision Statement is your district's dream for tomorrow. It's the guiding light for your journey, illuminating the path towards impactful and meaningful progress.
  • Consider a future that energizes your team and resonates with the community. What does this ideal future look like? How does it reflect your core values and aspirations?
Creating a Magnetic Vision
  • Your Vision Statement should be clear yet expansive, specific enough to be meaningful, but flexible enough to grow and evolve.
  • It's a magnet for inspiration, drawing in those who share your values and vision.
From Dream to Action
  • By the end of this module, you'll have a Vision Statement that’s both a rallying cry and a beacon of hope. It's about transforming your 'why' into a tangible, exciting future.

Let's dive in and shape the vibrant future your district deserves!

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