Identity Fusion:

Your Persona's First Words

Now, using your organization's Why, Vision, Mission statements, and the chosen primary and secondary archetypes, let's give your organization a persona.

This embodiment of your core values, aspirations, and unique imprint will be the face of your organization.

The Innocent Optimist
At Coca-Cola, we see the world with bright eyes of innocence and unfettered optimism, embodying the archetype of The Innocent Optimist.
We believe in joy, happiness, and inclusivity. Our vision paints a vibrant panorama of unity, where each individual can revel in life's simple pleasures.
Our innocent optimism is reflected in every can of Coke that cracks open to bring people closer, turning strangers into friends and moments into memories.
Our campaigns celebrate these shared moments of joy, whether they occur around a crackling campfire, at a vibrant party, or during quiet moments with loved ones.
At Coca-Cola, we're not just a beverage company, we're a catalyst for happiness, a symbol of togetherness.
The Heroic Athlete
At Nike, we wear the shoes of The Heroic Athlete. We stand tall with a spirit of excellence, determination, and courage, fueled by a relentless drive to surpass our limits.
We strive to ignite the same flame within every athlete we serve, driving them toward their unexplored potential. Our essence is competition, passion, and the indomitable belief that every finish line is merely the start of a new race.
Through our marketing, we showcase stories of outstanding athletes who conquer immense odds to reach their dreams, pushing spectators to step out of their comfort zones and into the realm of what's possible.
We do more than create sports gear; we inspire a movement, a culture that believes in the power of hard work, dedication, and the relentless pursuit of victory.
The Exploring Sage
As Patagonia, we identify with The Exploring Sage, deeply connected with nature, abundant in wisdom, and fueled by an adventurous spirit. We are conscious of our footprint on this planet, and with every product, we create, we seek to blend sustainability with exploration.
We promote a balance between the exhilaration of adventure and the responsibility of environmental stewardship. Our message speaks of respect for the majesty of the natural world and the necessity of its preservation.
Our campaigns highlight the breath-taking splendor of untouched landscapes and the exhilarating stories of those who dare to chart unknown terrains.
We are more than an outdoor apparel brand; we're advocates for the planet, pioneers of responsible adventure, and committed to leaving as light a footprint as possible on the paths we tread.
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Persona Sculpting
To synthesize your organizational Why, vision, mission, and archetypes, into a persona that genuinely represents your organization.
  • Review your 'Why', 'Vision', and 'Mission' Statements.
  • Reflect on the primary and secondary archetypes you've chosen for your organization.
  • Imagine your organization as a person, shaped by these elements, and consider the following questions:
  • How would they introduce themselves at a dinner party?
  • How would they react in a crisis?
  • What would they fight for?
  • Write a first draft of your organization's persona below, keeping in mind that it is a living character, a synthesis of your organization's beliefs, aspirations, and values.

Remember, this is a creative process and it's fine if the first draft isn't perfect. The aim is to infuse your organization's identity with character and authenticity.

Organization's Why Statement:
Organization's Vision Statement:
Organization's Mission Statement:
Primary Archetype:
Secondary Archetype:

Your version of your organization's Persona:
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