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Crafting Your Strategic Blueprint
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Facilitating Strategic Discovery and Cohesion

As a facilitator, your role is pivotal in guiding participants through the process of developing a strategic plan. Here are some key areas to focus on:

  • Encourage Open Dialogue: Create an environment where all participants feel comfortable sharing their insights. Facilitate discussions that allow every voice to be heard.
  • Nurture Collaboration: Encourage teamwork in exercises, emphasizing the value of diverse viewpoints. Group activities should be designed to foster a sense of unity and shared purpose.
  • Provide Context: Offer background information and examples to help participants understand each component of the strategic plan. Use stories or case studies to illustrate successful strategic planning.
  • Guide the Process: Help participants stay on track with the course objectives. Be ready to steer conversations back to the topic if they diverge too far.
  • Facilitate Reflection: Encourage participants to reflect on their organization's current state and potential. Use reflection exercises to deepen their understanding of each strategic planning element.
  • Summarize Key Takeaways: At the end of each session, summarize the key points discussed. This reinforces learning and ensures clarity on the progress made.

Your goal is to lead a transformative experience, enabling participants to create a strategic plan that is both visionary and actionable.

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Success in today’s ever evolving landscape goes beyond offering outstanding products or services; it hinges on a compelling strategic plan. This plan, tailored to the unique qualities of your organization, charts the path to achieving your goals.

  • Define Purpose: Uncover the core reason for your organization's existence. This is the heartbeat of your strategic plan.
  • Envision the Future: Imagine a world where your organization's purpose flourishes. This vision sets the destination for your journey.
  • Mission Mapping: Develop the strategic pathway to turn your vision into reality. It's about the how, the when, and the who in achieving your goals.
  • Discover Your Archetype: Identify the universal character that best represents the essence of your organization. This archetype will be a guiding symbol in your strategic narrative.
  • Craft Your Persona: Combine all these elements to form your organization's public image. This persona becomes the face of your strategic plan, representing your values and aspirations.

Expect an interactive and collaborative experience filled with discussions and exercises. You'll engage both individually and as a team, benefitting from diverse perspectives and collective wisdom. By the end of this course, your team will have shaped a unique and cohesive organizational personality, the foundation of a robust and impactful strategic plan.

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