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Discover Your Why

Navigating the Path
šŸ’”Facilitator's Content:

Welcome to a pivotal moment in our workshop! You've all done phenomenal work in articulating your 'why' statements. Now, it's time to unite your voices and appreciate the range of perspectives that make your organization so vibrant.

Guiding the Exercise:

As we begin the voting process, I encourage you to approach each 'WHY' statement with an open mind and a reflective heart. Think about how each statement aligns with our organization's core values and the impact it could have on our stakeholders.

Once you've absorbed the essence of each statement, it's time to vote. Mark a '1' on the statement that resonates with you the most, a '2' on your next favorite, and a '3' on your third choice. The rest will remain unranked, but each is a valuable contribution to your collective vision.

Remember, this process isn't about competition. It's about recognizing the diversity of thought and perspective that makes our organization robust and dynamic.


Take your time with this process. Your choices are a reflection of what you value in your district's purpose. Once everyone has voted, we'll gather the results and explore the statements that resonated most strongly with the group. This is more than just a vote; it's a step towards synthesizing a collective 'why' that embodies the spirit of our entire organization.

On the next page we will await everyone's vote before proceeding. I will meet you all there to begin the next leg of our journey.

Facilitator Notes:
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What an incredible journey it's been! Each one of you has brought insight, passion, and depth to your 'why' statements, painting a vivid picture of your organization's core purpose. Now, we turn the spotlight to our collective wisdom. Let's embrace this opportunity to share, celebrate, and resonate with the diverse perspectives within our group.

The Power of Choice
Dive into the mosaic of 'why' statements crafted by your peers. Select those that echo the heart and soul of your organization, aligning with its ethos and the expectations of your stakeholders.
Unleash Your Vote!
  • Read through all the listed 'why' statements.
  • Select and rank your top three statements:
  • Assign a '1' to your top choice.
  • Assign a '2' to your second favorite.
  • Assign a '3' to your third favorite.
  • Leave the remaining options unranked.
  • Remember, this is not about competition, but understanding and appreciating the variety of perspectives within our group.
Remember, this exercise isn't a contest; it's a celebration of our shared vision and the rich tapestry of ideas we've woven together.
Why Statement
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