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Discovering Your Why:

Allowing Insights to Marinate
💡Facilitator's Content:

Thank you all for participating so actively in the voting process. Now that everyone has finished voting, let's take a moment to look back at the incredible journey we've embarked on together and what lies ahead.

Summarizing Individual Achievements:

You've each delved deep into the core values of our organization, identifying those principles that stand at the heart of our mission.

You've revisited key moments and their significance, analyzing how these moments are a reflection of our core values and how they've shaped our organization.

From there, you crafted your first draft of the 'why' statement, a personal narrative that ties together your insights and aspirations.

Then, you refined your statements, adding depth and clarity with the 'so that' element, focusing on the tangible impact of our purpose.

Outlining the Journey Forward:

As we move forward, we will begin discussing the common themes that have emerged from our collective core values and key moments. This will help us understand the shared vision that underpins our individual perspectives.

We'll also explore the common themes, distinctive elements, and emotional impacts from the refined 'why' statements you've all submitted. This is where our individual narratives start to form a powerful collective story.

And our final goal is to synthesize these insights into a finalized 'why' statement for our district — a statement that captures your collective spirit, direction, and aspirations. It's a statement that will not only represent you all sitting here but your community as a whole and will guide you into the future.


Thank you for your patience and commitment throughout this process. The collective 'why' statement we're about to create will be a testament to your shared journey, your diverse perspectives, and your unified purpose. Let's look forward to unveiling a narrative that truly represents the essence of your district.

Facilitator Notes:
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Thank you for casting your votes.
As we await the completion of the voting process, let's take this pause as an opportunity to reflect. Each vote cast is a vital thread in the tapestry we're weaving together. Your thoughtful selections are helping to shape a unified 'why' statement that embodies our organization's shared vision and purpose. Remember, this process is about valuing every voice, embracing every insight. It's not just a step but a significant leap in our collective journey towards a narrative that resonates with each one of us.

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