Envisioning Your Future

Igniting a Brilliant Vision
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As we embark on developing your district's vision, we're going to take a little trip down memory lane. Before we dive into creating our vision for the district, let's start where it all began for each of you – why you chose education. It's kind of like uncovering the first chapter of your story.

Encouraging Personal Reflection:

Alright, let's think back to when you first decided to step into the world of education. What was it that drew you in? I’m curious to hear about those early days – what were your dreams, what did you want to change or achieve in education?

Was there a particular moment or a person that inspired you? Sometimes it's these little things that set us on our path.

[Have the participants take some time to answer the questions]

Facilitating a Relaxed Sharing Session:

I’d love for hear some of your stories. It’s not just about the 'what' but the 'why' behind your choices. It’s these unique journeys that bring so much value to your district.

As you share and listen to each others stories, let’s also think about how these initial sparks have traveled with us over time. Are they still burning bright? How do they shape what we do today?


These stories, your stories, are like pieces of a puzzle. They help us see the bigger picture as we start to think about our district's future. It's these personal insights that make our vision so meaningful. As we move on, let's keep these stories and motivations at the forefront. They’re not just our history – but the stepping stones to our future vision.

Facilitator Notes:
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Welcome to the first step in sculpting your district's future vision. Before we look ahead, let's journey back to the very beginning of your path in education. This reflection is about rediscovering the initial passion and purpose that drew you into this noble profession.

The Roots of Your Educational Calling
To reconnect with the foundational reasons that inspired your career in education and use these insights to infuse passion and purpose into your district's vision.
Reflect on the moment you decided to pursue a career in education. What inspired this decision? Was it a desire to influence young minds, a love for teaching, or something else entirely?
Contemplate the ideals and aspirations you held. How did you envision making a difference in the field of education?
Consider how these initial motivations and dreams have influenced your journey. What elements of these early aspirations do you still carry with you?
NOTE: If you are in a "supporting" role, e.g. Communications, Human Resource, Finance, or IT, and did not start your career in the classroom answer the questions from the perspective of, why did you chose the educational industry vs. other industries to practice your chosen field?
The Spark of Your Journey:
What inspired you to become an educator? Describe that initial spark or moment.
Early Aspirations:
What were your hopes and dreams when you first started? How did you imagine impacting the world of education?
Enduring Influences:
How have these early motivations shaped your career path and your approach to education?
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