Archetype Adoption:

Deep Dive

Having made your initial choices based on instinct and the elemental nature of each archetype, we now invite you to delve deeper into the narratives of these archetypes. 

Here are more comprehensive descriptions of each archetype along with a recognizable character from different blockbuster hit movies below:

  • The Innocent: A beacon of purity, simplicity, and untainted optimism. Like Forrest Gump, they win hearts with their childlike innocence and trustworthiness.
  • The Sage: They are the seekers of wisdom and truth, always striving to understand the world around them. Take a leaf out of Yoda's book - analytical and thoughtful.
  • The Explorer: Ever adventurous and filled with boundless curiosity, they seek to chart new territories. Picture Indiana Jones, the epitome of exploration and independence.
  • The Outlaw: Champions of rebellion and individuality, they break the chains of convention. Remember Tyler Durden from Fight Club? A poster child for rule-breakers and freedom seekers.
  • The Magician: Creative visionaries of transformation, they see the unseen. Gandalf, with his intuitive and imaginative spirit, mirrors this archetype beautifully.
  • The Hero: Courageous and resolute, they are determined to make a mark in the world. Wonder Woman, with her commitment to justice and honor, perfectly embodies this archetype.
  • The Lover: For them, life is about relationships, passion, and connection. Jack from Titanic paints a picture of a soul yearning for deep, meaningful bonds.
  • The Jester: Masters of mirth and levity, they bring joy to the gravest situations. Just as Genie from Aladdin, they spread laughter and lightness wherever they go.
  • The Everyman: With their feet planted firmly on the ground, they represent hard work and humility. Harry Potter, relatable and genuine, is a model for this archetype.
  • The Caregiver: Nurturers at heart, they are dedicated to compassion, empathy, and service. Think Mary Poppins, embodying selfless dedication to the well-being of others.
  • The Ruler: With a reign of power, authority, and control, they strive for order and stability. Simba, from The Lion King, exemplifies this archetype's leadership traits.
  • The Creator: A testament to innovation and creativity, they dare to view the world uniquely. Tony Stark in Iron Man mirrors this archetype's inventive and artistic spirit.

Selecting the archetype that aligns seamlessly with your organization's ethos and aspirations helps in forging a deeper connection with your audience, setting you apart in the bustling marketplace.

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Archetype Alignment
Refine your understanding of your organization's character and its alignment with archetypes, deepening connection to their narrative strengths and unique traits.
Consider each archetype's description in the context of your organization.
Revise your choices based on this insight, choosing three archetypes that best mirror your organization.
Note: You do not have to change your original selections if you still believe they are most fitting.
Revisit your initial selections in light of the expanded descriptions. Do they resonate with your organization's purpose, mission, and vision? In the space provided below, explain why each resonates with your organization.
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