Envisioning Your Future:

The Invigorating Truth
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Alright, team, let's keep our time machine warmed up! After rediscovering why we got into education, let’s now turn our focus to when you first joined this district. It's like opening a time capsule, isn't it? In this lesson, we’re not just reminiscing; we're on a quest to uncover the heartfelt reasons that brought you here and how they'll shape our future vision.

Encouraging Candidness:

So, let's dive in. Why did you choose to join our district? Was it the practicalities like the commute or salary, or perhaps something about the community itself? This is a safe space for real talk – every reason, every truth matters here.

Remember, the choices we make are often a tapestry of different reasons. Acknowledging these diverse motivations can offer us a rich, multifaceted perspective.

Guiding Honest Discussion:

I invite you, one by one, to share a reason for joining our district. This isn't just about facts; it's about the feelings and experiences behind your decision. Whether it was for practical reasons, personal aspirations, or something else entirely, your honesty is a gift to all of us.

For the "Bosses" or "Key Stake Holder" in the room, what you hear may not be what you "Want" to hear, but it is what you "Need" to hear. To truly make an impact on the future of your district you need an honest understanding of where you are coming from.

As we listen to each story, let's reflect on how these reasons resonate with our own experiences. How do they align or differ from your initial expectations or hopes for the district?

Deepening Emotional Connections:

Every story shared today adds a layer of depth to your understanding of who you are as a district. These aren't just reasons; they're the real-life experiences that shape your collective journey.

By embracing these truths, we’re paving the way for a vision statement that’s not only aspirational but also deeply connected to the lived experiences of our team.


Thank you for being so open and honest. It’s these genuine responses that will help us craft a vision statement that truly resonates with everyone’s experiences and expectations.

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Let's take a step back to the day you decided to join our district. This journey into the past is about uncovering the real, unvarnished reasons that brought you here. We're looking for genuine motivations, whether they're practical, personal, or professional.

Uncovering the True 'Why'
To gather candid insights into your decision to join the district and use these truths to shape a realistic and grounded future vision.
Reflect honestly on why you applied to this district. Was it the location, the salary, the community size, or something else? There’s no right or wrong here; we value your frankness.
Think about your initial expectations or aspirations for the district. How did these play into your decision to join?
How have your perceptions and experiences evolved since then? This can provide valuable context for our vision.
NOTE: If you are in a "supporting" role, e.g. Communications, Human Resource, Finance, or IT, and did not start your career in the classroom answer the questions from the perspective of, why did you chose the educational industry vs. other industries to practice your chosen field?
Real Reasons for Joining:
Why did you really decide to apply to this district? (e.g., better commute, higher pay, small/large community, only one hiring in your field) Provide a short explanation.
Initial Expectations:
What were your first thoughts or hopes about working here? Remember to be candid.
Evolving Perspective:
How has your view of the district changed over time? Were your initial expectations met? Provide specific examples.
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