Archetype Adoption:


Well done! Through collective wisdom and thoughtful deliberation, you've identified primary and secondary archetypes that resonate with our organization's identity.

These archetypes will guide your strategic direction, reinforce values, and tell your unique narrative. They'll help express your brand, guide behaviors, and deepen audience connections.

This holistic understanding of your organization will be a beacon for strategic planning, decision-making, and communication. They together form a compelling, unique narrative.

As your organization evolves, your alignment with these archetypes might change. Regularly revisit them to ensure they reflect your organization's spirit.

Celebrate! You've reached another strategic planning milestone. Take a moment to appreciate the journey.

Next, we step into the final stage: pinpointing your organization's persona.

Your Organization's Finalized Why Statement:
Your Organization's Finalized Vision Statement:
Your Organization's Finalized Mission Statement:
Your Organization's Archetype Selections:
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