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Establish Your Why

Collective Values
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Alright, as we take an exciting step forward in our journey. We're transitioning from individual reflections to a shared resolution. Using artificial intelligence, we've analyzed your individual core values submissions to identify the top 5 themes that stand out in your cohort.

Guiding the Exercise:

Let's begin by revealing these top 5 core value themes. These themes are a reflection of your collective ethos, the values that bring us together as a group.

[Call on individuals to read one of the value themes]

Now each of you take a few moments to read through and reflect on these values. Taking time to consider:

  • How do they resonate with your own beliefs?
  • What do they tell us about who we are as a collective group and where we are heading?
  • Is there anything you believe is truly missing from these values that need to be considered during the discussion of your district's finalized 'why' statement?

Note the answers to these questions and any other thoughts, insights, and reflections regarding these values. Your observations here are crucial; they are the building blocks for a 'why' statement that truly encapsulates the essence of your cohort.

Remember, each thought and note you take is a valuable contribution to the development of a 'why' statement that is both meaningful and representative of your district's unified spirit.

[Circle back as a group and discuss the notes participants took]


Well, I'm excited to see how these shared values will shape our conversations and your district's final 'why' statement.

Let's continue to the key moments now.

Facilitator Notes:
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Welcome to a transformative stage in our journey. Up to now, we've focused on individual insights and perspectives. This page marks a shift towards unity and collaboration. Utilizing StratAlign360's specifically trained artificial intelligence, we've analyzed the core values each of you identified to discover the top 5 themes that resonate most within your group.

To explore and understand the top 5 themes most prevalent in your cohort's core values, and to utilize these insights as foundational pillars in developing a cohesive and representative 'why' statement for our district.
  1. Review the Top 5 Themes: Below are the 5 most commonly represented core values within your cohort.
  2. Reflect on Shared Values: Consider how these core values echo with your own and what they say about your collective ethos.
  3. Prepare for Collaborative Dialogue: Use these insights as a foundation as we engage in a collaborative dialogue to shape your district's unified 'why' statement.
StratAlign360's Integrated A.I.
Collective Core Value Analysis
Notes for Common Themes

As you explore these shared values, consider what they reveal about your cohort's collective identity and future goals. How do they steer you towards a shared purpose? Use the space below to note down insights that could shape your district's finalized 'why' statement. Think about how these values intertwine with your group’s vision. Your reflections are key in crafting a 'why' statement that embodies your district's collective spirit and aspirations.

Personal Resonance:
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