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Establish Your Why

Mutual Moments
💡Facilitator's Content:

Now, let's shift our focus to the key moments that define us. Through StratAlign360's AI, we've identified the themes that stand out in your collective memory, moments that have shaped your district's path and purpose.

Guiding the Exercise:

I'll reveal the most significant themes identified by our AI pertaining to the key moments you and your colleagues. These are not just events; they're milestones in our journey.

[Call on individuals to read one of the key moment themes]

Take your time to read and reflect on these moments. Ask yourself:

  • How do these themes resonate with your own experiences?
  • What story do they tell about our collective journey?
  • Are there any pivotal experiences that we might have overlooked but need to consider?

Jot down your answers and any other insights or observations about these key moments. Your input is crucial. These notes will help us build a 'why' statement that truly reflects our shared narrative.

[Circle back as a group and discuss the notes participants took]

Group Discussion:

Let's regroup and share our thoughts. This is a moment to actively listen, learn, interact and connect our individual stories into a collective saga.

Your perspectives on these key moments will enrich our understanding and guide us in shaping a 'why' statement that's both inclusive and representative of our collective experience.


Great job! The stories and insights you've shared are the lifeblood of your district's identity. Let's carry this energy forward as we continue to the next phase of our journey.

Facilitator Notes:
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Welcome to an insightful chapter in your collective story. While you've individually identified key moments and their significance, it's time to weave these narratives together. Thanks to StratAlign360's advanced AI analysis, we've distilled the most common themes of your shared key moments, revealing pivotal characteristics that resonate across your cohort.

To collaboratively explore and understand the common themes in our key moments, using insights from StratAlign360's AI analysis to enrich our discussion.
  1. Examine the Top Moments: Below are the key moments that have significantly shaped your cohort's journey.
  2. Contemplate Collective Experiences: Reflect on how these moments align with your own experiences and what they illustrate about your shared path.
  3. Prepare for Collective Synthesis: These insights will serve as a backdrop for our next phase — synthesizing a unified 'WHY' statement.
StratAlign360's Integrated A.I.
Collective Key Moments Analysis
Notes on Shared Experiences

As you delve into these key moments, consider their collective impact on shaping our district's identity and future direction. How do these experiences guide us towards a common goal? Record your thoughts below. These reflections will be instrumental in developing a 'why' statement that captures our shared experiences and aspirations.

Personal Resonance:
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