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Discover Your Why

Take a Breather
đź’ˇFacilitator's Content:

Bravo, everyone! You've all done an incredible job crafting your district's 'why' statement drafts. As we pause here at our 'Take A Breather' page, let's take a moment to recognize the dedication and insight that's brought us here.

This pause is a valuable time for us all — a chance to recharge and reflect on our journey so far. Think of it as a halftime in a game or an intermission in a theater. It's a moment to gather ourselves, appreciate our progress, and get ready for the next act.

Guiding the Break:
  • Encourage Self-Care: I invite you to use this break to do something that revitalizes you. Whether it's a refreshing walk, a quiet moment of contemplation, or enjoying a favorite snack, take this time for yourself.
  • Facilitate Reflection: I encourage you to revisit your 'WHY' Statement with fresh eyes. Reflect on the journey that led to these words. It's important to recognize and appreciate the effort and thought you've invested.
  • Promote Relaxation: Let's also remember the power of deep breathing. A few moments of focused breathing can rejuvenate our minds, helping us stay engaged and ready for what's next.

We'll reconvene shortly to continue our journey together. Until then, enjoy this well-deserved break. Let’s recharge, reflect, and prepare for the exciting steps ahead. When we regroup, we'll be ready to dive into refining and evolving our 'why' statements with renewed energy and perspective.

Facilitator Notes:
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Kudos on crafting your district's first 'why' statement draft!
You've reached a pivotal point in our journey together. Let's take this breather as a well-earned interlude. Think of it as the quiet before the next exciting chapter, or a halftime where we huddle, recharge, and get ready for the next play.

  • Treat Yourself: Grab that comforting cup of tea, stretch your legs with a brisk walk, or find a peaceful spot for some quiet reflection. Do something that rejuvenates your spirit.
  • Reflect: Look over your 'Why' Statement' again. Let the words you’ve written sink in. Feel the weight and worth of every sentence. You've woven together something remarkable — take a moment to bask in that achievement.
  • Just Breathe: Deep breaths can work wonders. They're like little rest stops for your mind and soul. Let each breath help you refocus and center yourself, preparing you for the continued journey ahead.

Hang tight here until we all regroup. Once everyone's ready, we'll move forward together, united and re-energized for what's next!

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