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Discover Your Why

The Heart of Your Purpose
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Alright, it's time to embark on an exciting adventure into the heart of your district - crafting its 'WHY' statement. But this isn't just any old writing task. Oh no! We're on a mission to capture the very soul of your school district - its spirit, its purpose, its awesome sauce! 

Remember all those core values and shining moments you identified? Those weren't just exercises - they're the gold nuggets we're going to use to forge your district's 'WHY'.

So, let's roll up our sleeves and turn these elements into something spectacular!

Introducing the Three Core Elements:

Let's demystify the three superstars of a knock-your-socks-off ‚ÄėWhy‚Äô Statement:

  • The Reason for Existence
  • The Guiding Singularity, and
  • The Impact

What do these snazzy titles mean? Let's dive in and find out!

The Reason for Existence

Think of this as the blockbuster reason why your organization is here. It's way more than just educational outcomes or financial objectives; it's about the big, bold impact you're here to make. Let's get those creative juices flowing and connect your core values and memorable moments to this grand reason.

The Guiding Singularity

This is like your school's superhero cape. What makes your district stand out in the education universe? How do your values steer the ship? This should be as unique and authentic as your school's story.

The Impact

Here's where we dream big! What incredible changes are you aiming to bring to the world? It's all about measurable, meaningful results that align with your school's heart and soul.


As we jump into this, remember, that this is a no-judgment zone. Perfection is not the goal here - authenticity is. Think big, and think bold about the impact your school is making and the legacy you're building. Every single one of your perspectives is a key piece of our puzzle.

Ready to get started? Let's kick off with ‚ÄúThe Reason for Existence‚ÄĚ. Tap that 'Continue' button and let the magic begin!

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You've already done great work identifying your top five core values and the three most impactful moments in your tenure. Now, it's time to weave these elements into a powerful 'why' statement that captures the essence of your school district.

An inspiring and impactful 'why' statement has 3 core elements:
  • The Reason for Existence
  • The Guiding Singularity
  • The Impact

Your task is to combine these elements into a narrative that resonates with everyone in your district's community. As we progress through the next several lessons, you'll by outlining each element based on your identified values and moments. Then, blend them into a cohesive statement that tells the story of your district's unique 'why'.

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