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The Emotional Impact:

Preparing to Craft Your Purpose
šŸ’”Facilitator's Content:
Guiding the Creation of a Meaningful Purpose Statement

As you conclude this subsection, your role as facilitators is to set the stage for the participants to begin developing their own school district's Purpose Statement. Here's how you can facilitate this transition:

  • Summarize Key Learnings: Review the main insights gained from analyzing the purpose and values of the featured brands. Highlight how these insights are applicable in the context of a school district.
  • Encourage Reflection: Urge participants to reflect on their observations and feelings about the brands discussed. Ask them to consider what aspects of these brands' purposes and values resonated with them, and what felt lacking or disingenuous.
  • Discuss Application to School Districts: Facilitate a discussion on how the principles of a clear and compelling purpose can be applied to a school district. Encourage participants to think about what makes a purpose statement resonate with a community.
  • Preview the Next Steps: Introduce the upcoming steps in the module where participants will develop the individual elements of their school district's Purpose Statement. Emphasize that this will be a collaborative and iterative process.
  • Set Expectations for Creativity and Authenticity: Encourage participants to be creative and authentic in their approach. Remind them that the Purpose Statement should reflect the unique identity and aspirations of their district.
  • Offer Reassurance and Support: Acknowledge that crafting a Purpose Statement can be challenging. Offer reassurance and remind participants that you are there to support and guide them through this important process.

Your facilitation at this stage is crucial in transitioning participants from the analysis and observation phase to the active creation of their own Purpose Statement. This sets the groundwork for a meaningful and impactful next phase in the workshop.

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Having explored the emotional impact and purpose statements of successful organizations, you're now equipped to begin crafting your school district's Purpose Statement.

Reflect on these brands: some may have had a purpose that felt clear, compelling, and closely tied to their core values, while others might have seemed vague or disingenuous.

As we move forward, we'll use these insights to develop a Purpose Statement that is strong, clear, and compelling for your district.

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